Contest Rules, Terms, and Conditions

By Entering the IHTD National Youth Video Contest and Annual Film Festival, you agree to the IHTD RULES, TERMS, AND CONDITIONS


  • Video entries must address the trillion dollar question — “What would you do with a Trillion Dollars?”
  • Statements of fact in the video must be accurate. Entrants may be asked to provide sources to support statements in the video.
  • If an entry contains a language other than English, subtitles must be included.
  • If an entry contains material that is deemed discriminatory or offensive to any group of persons, it will not be screened. This decision is at the discretion of the selection committee.


All film genres will be accepted, including drama, comedy, documentary, music video, animation, experimental, computer graphic clips, etc. We encourage creativity!


  • Filmmakers must be 23 years of age or younger.
  • Videos should be no longer than 3 minutes. The Selection Committee reserves the right to reject videos over 3 minutes.
  • Videos submitted to previous IHTD festivals or contests are not eligible.
  • Affiliation with AFSC or NPP does not exclude eligibility.
  • For entries made by more than one filmmaker, the group must designate one member to submit the film. This person will be known as the “primary contact person” on the entry form and will be responsible for agreeing to the festivalʼs “Terms and Conditionsʼ.
  • The filmmaker or contact person must ensure that the film complies with all laws, including copyright law (see below).



  • AFSC and NPP are not responsible for copyright infringement.
  • The Selection committee reserves the right to reject films containing blatant copyright infringement.
  • Please refer to the Center for Social Mediaʼs set of Best Practices for more information on how to use licensed materials. Creative Commons is also a great resource for license-free or flexi-licensed music and media alternatives.

Submission Deadline:

Entries are due in their entirety by 11:59pm January 11, 2013.

  • Entries are considered incomplete unless uploaded to YouTube and tagged IHTDFilms2013 AND accompanied by an IHTD submission form, available here.
  • The selection committee reserves the right to reject incomplete entries.


Selection for the festival will be based on the following Criteria: Technical Quality, Editing, Content, and Creativity. A competitive film:

  • is cohesive and interesting
  • contains clearly recorded image and sound
  • contains accurate facts
  • presents the issues creatively
  • inspires action

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