2011 Selections

View the official 2011 IHTD selections below:

1st Prize (tie)

Briseida Montiel
“If I Had A Trillion Dollars”

Amplify Media
“If I Had A Trillion Dollars”

2nd Prize

Zeke Foerster, Maya Rivera, Deja Carr
Youth Action Coalition Video Vanguards
(Amherst, MA)
“If I…”

Christopher Luchini, Jessica Valdefiena, Allah Parks, and Indasia Summerfield
AFSC United Voices Youth Group
(Portland, OR)
“If I Had A Trillion Dollars”

3rd Prize

The Village of Arts & Humanities
(Philadelphia, PA)
“The Trillion Dollar Question”

AFSC, BAY-Peace, Met West High School, Emiliano Zapata Street Academy
(Bay Area, CA)
“No We Can’t-$1 Trillion and Counting”

Honorable Mentions

Youth Action Coalition’s Video Vanguards
(Amherst, MA)
“If I Had A Trillion Dollars”

Aidan Tharp & Michael Johnson
University of Chicago/Columbia College
(Chicago, IL)
“IHTD Chicago”

E.P. Harney Spirit of Excellence Academy
(New Orleans, LA)
“$1 Trillion, A Brighter Future”

Lucy Zhang
Xtech Exploratorium
(San Francisco, CA)
“A Trillion Dollars for Natural Disaster”

Sergio Rico

Noemi Rivera

Xtech Exploratorium
(San Francisco, CA)

“Cure the Cause”

Hope Street Youth Development
(Wichita, KS)
“One Trill”

Sam Irwin & Aaron Naves
(New York, NY)
“The Public Issue-Trillion Dollar Project”

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