2013 Film Festival

Twenty films will be selected by a jury as Official Selections of the 2013 Film Festival in mid-February. Some of those filmmakers are then awarded specific prizes for their work by special judges at the World Premiere in Washington DC in April 2013. Selection for the festival will be based on the following Criteria: Technical QualityEditing, Content, and Creativity.

All selected filmmakers are invited to attend the World Premiere of the Festival and a Leadership Training to prepare the young filmmakers to participate in a Lobby Day on Capitol Hill to discuss federal budget priorities.  Scholarships to cover the cost of lodging, food, and registration may be provided by AFSC. Special prizes like editing software, cameras and cash may be awarded to filmmakers who receive a special prize. Past prizes have been awarded for Best Original SongBest Use of a Trillion Dollars and Most Creative Use of a Trillion Dollars.

For more information about the 2013 Film Festival, check the Festival Guide. To view some of this years submissions visit the 2013 submission page!

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